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Collective Broadcast Co. worries about every aspect of your virtual events, so you don’t have to!

List of Services:

  • Consultation and Troubleshooting

Are you confused about where to start, and what is possible? We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to new clients to help figure out what might work best for you.
Do you already have a live stream planned and are experiencing issues? We’ll help to get you on the right track.

Are you completely stuck in a technical nightmare? We honestly love troubleshooting. We’re happy to dive right in and pull you out.

  • Live Streaming

Let us take the weight off of organizing and executing your live digital events. We will handle every aspect of your livestream, or just the ones you’re confused about.
From troubleshooting and running technical rehearsals, to designing broadcast graphics and producing an engaging final product, Collective Broadcast Co. will be your stream team, dream team.

  • Graphic Design and Integration

Do you have graphics and branding designed that you would like to use in your virtual events?

Our team will implement and expand upon your graphics to produce a fully branded product, tailored to your liking.

Don’t have anything designed?

We’ll start from the ground up to create custom broadcast graphics that suit the branding of your organization, and add production value to your virtual events.

  • Accessibility Improvements

One of the strengths of offering virtual events and live streamed programming is that it allows your organization to be more accessible than ever before! 

Are you planning a cross-Canada event with two official languages, or even more?

Reach out about our ability to offer live French-English translation on Zoom calls or other virtual meetings.

Presenting a talk or event and want to optimize it’s accessibility for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing?

We can integrate auto-generated closed captions or even live ASL interpreters into your broadcast.

  • Website Optimization

We’ll make sure that you are optimizing your virtual event experience, both technically and aesthetically.

Creating a watch page on your website, or even adding live stream events directly to your site’s homepage, can make things more accessible and vastly increase audience engagement.  Let us jump in an integrate your virtual events directly into your website in a manner that will help those who may be technically challenged, but also in a way that looks great!

  • Mobile Broadcasts

Does your event take place outdoors, or in another hard-to-connect place?

We offer solutions for organizing and executing mobile broadcasts, from a complete equipment rental and operation package, to a simplified mobile stream.


Learning the ins and outs of live streaming, virtual events and large-scale conference calls can take up a huge amount of your staff time.

Collective Broadcast will save you money and time.  As a collective of practicing media artists, our staff have the knowledge, skills and passion to fully execute your custom virtual events.  And since we are a personable team with no corporate overlords, Collective Broadcast has some of the most reasonable pricing in all of Canada!

Collective Broadcast will manage your virtual or live streamed events... yes! 

But unlike other providers, Collective Broadcast will also create or modify custom graphics for your event, lead communications with your presenters and participants, run technical tests in advance of your event, integrate your website with YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, help maximize accessibility for your event... and more.